Homemade: Drawknife, Axe, Knife


Never Alone In The Bush
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Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria
I've sloooooly been making some bushcraft tools. This week I took then out for their first use.
There is a draw knife, an axe/tomahawk and a bushcrafting knife

My plan was to haft the axe and test out the tools. (I'd only just glued the knife sheath last night, so it still had rubber bands to hold it)

20200102_151833 (Large).jpg
20200102_151934 (Large).jpg


The wooden sheath has a pivot in in one corner which acts to swivel the cover. The cover is locked in place with a snug fitting pin in the top right corner

20200102_152021 (Large).jpg

Draw knife:
The sheath has spring loaded wooden pins which lock the blade down into the channel.
20200102_152104 (Large).jpg
20200102_152114 (Large).jpg 20200102_152155 (Large).jpg

To get the knife out, you need to pull the pins clear if the channel, then lift the knife out:
20200102_152200 (Large).jpg


The sheath still needs a bit of shaping, but it has a positive lock and feels great
20200102_152220 (Large).jpg

Showing the cavity for the handle:
20200102_152249 (Large).jpg

Knife in the sheath. It "drops" in and needs a small push so it locks. The widest part of the handle is down near the blade end (a "coke bottle" shape)
20200102_152309 (Large).jpg