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Guidelines for using the WTF forum. Please read before posting


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Jun 5, 2011
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Picton NSW
This forum should be used as a guide only, do not rely on this forum to identify plants particularly if you intend to eat them. The advice given should be looked at as a starting point for your own research.

Please start a new thread for each item of Flora and Fauna, to avoid confusion.

To ensure the best chance of success with identification;

1) Provide as many pictures as possible of the flora/fauna in question.
2) In the case of plants, try and get pictures of overall plant, bark, leaves, flowers, fruit, seed, you may not need all but the more you get the more likely somebody will recognize.
4) In the case of animals try and get a few different angles and details of any obvious feature or markings
5) Describe the location where the picture was taken, including general location in Australia, and local habitat and climate eg, rainforest, dry woodland, ridge top, valley, etc. The more you can give the better your chances of successful identification.
6) If a successful identification is made, it is requested that the entry be made into the wildlife database, and a note be provided in that location along the lines of:

"A special thanks to ???, ??? and ??? for help identifying the subject and providing useful information, all achieved through the new forum WTF (Wildlife Taxon Finder)"

Lastly If you cannot positively Identify your flora/fauna, your are permitted to bump your post (only threads you have started) back to the top of the list. You are only permitted to do this one week or more from the last post/reply. i.e if nobody has posted on the thread for one week or more you can reply to the thread with the word Bump, which will bring it to the top.

If you still have a question on the WTF forum, reply to this thread and we will try and assist!

Have Fun!
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