Good watch at a great price with compass functionality - only useful when the sun is out


Rüdiger Nehberg
Jan 9, 2019
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Not my thing - I always have a compass even in urban environment you can use it to orient a map. I do have a few watches though - they are my only man bling :)

This watch is analogue and has an internal compass bezel which is rotated by one of the winders. If you don't know, using a watch for a compass you need to be able to see the sun. And, you need to change it, or mentally compensate, for non daylight savings time. It is a big, tough watch at a great price. It is ecodrive, which means the battery is charged by light (no not heat, just light). I have an ecodrive watch, I leave it on top of the bedside cupboard so that it gets enough light to keep it charged. Long term users suggest the battery lasts at least 10 years, many last longer.

I have bought from these people before, and know many others from other forums who have too. I haven't heard of any issues with this business. Don't know how long this current price is for - if it is greater than $199, then it's over :) Haven't seen anything under $330 in any of the other cheap online watch sites.

I also just noticed, it has a fourth hand. This is a 24hr hand. In the picture the time is 10am, and the 4th hand is pointing at 10. If it was 10pm the 4th hand would be pointing at 22, which is the 24hr time.

Citizen Promaster Land BJ7081-51E
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