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Fennel seed tea


Never Alone In The Bush
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Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria
Spring is on its way and "wild" fennel is springing up.
I noticed this growing in a local park, on closer inspection I saw there was still some of last year's seed on the heads.

20200816_104357.jpg 20200816_104455.jpg

A decent pinch of seeds is always a delight to chew on, which I did ! Yum !
(Don't worry too if a few "stick" bits are in with the seeds)
20200816_104405.jpg 20200816_104435.jpg

I picked some seed to take home with me to make some tea too.
I didn't have anything to put the seed in, so folder the seed in a dock leaf and secured the parcel with a section of vine
20200816_113205.jpg 20200816_113246.jpg

I ground the seed lightly and steeped the seed in boiled water to produce a very mild tea.
(I put the glass on a white plate to try and show the colour)
20200816_113333.jpg 20200816_114232.jpg

A very mild anise flavour. Easy to drink.

I know the Dutch make a tea with anise, milk and sugar - which is nice, but I think I like it this way !

PS: by the way, I don't like herbal teas and the like, but I do like the things which I can collect and make myself !
PPS: There are lots of uses for fennel other than this.


Richard Proenneke
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Mar 26, 2012
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Illawarra NSW
Thanks Aussie

,,, love walking through fields of it, the aroma is pretty nice.