excess bits and bobs kit

Wave Man

Jun 22, 2011
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Brisbane, QLD
found a really nice medium sized metal (stainless steel) lunch box at Aldi yesterday ($7.99) that I have filled with all my extra bits and pieces of bushcraft kit that I haven't needed for kits as yet.

Now when ever I need some bit of kit I just have to look in this kit and see if I have it. Just a heads up about the metal container, they look good, sturdy and quite well made, and reasonably sized. Would make a good medium to large container for a survival kit as well.

Those needle set you see were a great buy, bought off Ebay, were like $3 for the two sets, 14 needles in total of various kinds, and some really good ones, I particularly liked the straight upholstery needle (one of the biggest needles I have found, sturdy and large sized eye, and the sail needle, which I actually bought the kits for)