Dual Survival Season 3 Confirmed


Lofty Wiseman
Aug 15, 2011
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Central coast NSW
Haven't yet seen the new series although I am looking forward to it.
Without sounding disparaging to the new guy, I personally liked DC during his time in the DS series.
I think it's pretty obvious to see that he certainly has the knowledge & skills to make such a show & pass that info on, in a very easy to understand way, to the general public.
With regards to his 'embelishment' of his resume it's probably seen as a greater transgression in the US that it probably is here.
So what we might see as a minor situation may have more major intonations over there.
None the less, his vid discussing the situation I found was frank, honest, humble, & genuine.
It has certainly taken him up another notch in my regard.
Everyone makes mistakes throughout their life & it's not always easy to have the guts to own up & admit to them.
In the long term bigger picture I don't believe there has been any great harm done by it & I don't believe it was done by DC for any malicious reason.
What he was able to pass on with regard to educating people, as well as entertaining them, far outweighs his minor (in my eyes) transgression IMO.
It hasn't diminished the guy in my eyes & in fact it has shown he has a certain amount of intestinal fortitude & grace in facing up to the mistakes he made.
Not a major problem IMO. I say live & let live, & all DC need now do is put it behind him & move on.
In years to come I don't think people in general will think any the less of him for it. It was just a mistake he made.
We all make em. Just proves he's human.
Well said:_applauso:


John McDouall Stuart
Dec 13, 2011
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Can't take anything away from DC. There's probably a number of them (Green Beret/Delta/SAS etc) in the world today yet to be discovered by production companies. Joe Teti seems to be the next guy. I can imagine how many resumes the producers would have received, most of which would have been good candidates with the added benefit of looking good in front of the camera.


Mors Kochanski
Jan 8, 2012
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Bill something like this?
[video=youtube;ALUTDJlhKb8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALUTDJlhKb8&context=C4c78dadADvjVQa1PpcFPG 7DL7Q0aP12PFZfZYhZrHK9MA-IyAonQ=[/video]

Cody did this about 3-4 years ago taking some city kids out into the bush for a dose of reality in the Arizona Desert...

This vid is part one of four.
Watched all 4 parts, thanks.


Nest In the Hills
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May 2, 2011
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Central West, NSW
Big respect for DC posting that apology video. I always liked him better on his youtube channel as I felt that was his real self and the DS show certainly played up the whole though army angle for the sake of contrast and entertainment (not a criticism). Not that my opinion matters but I think its a genuine and honest apology. Hopefully everyone can move on now. It cant be denied that he puts in a huge amount of effort posting free videos and there is tons of great skills on his channel. I'm confident he will be remembered for the right reasons.