Invertebrate Delias nigrina (Black Jezebel)


John McDouall Stuart
Jul 2, 2011
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Wide Bay, QLD
Scientific Name: Delias nigrina

Common Name(s): Black Jezebel

Other Names:
Common Jezebel

Class: Insecta

Order: Lepidoptera

Family: Pieridae

Genus: Delias

Species: D.nigrina

Distribution: Eastern Coast Australia.

Habitat: Upland rainforest in N. QLD. Upland and lowland rainforest, moist coastal open forest NSW. Found where caterpillar misltetoe food plants grow, rarely breeds in eucalyptus forests.

Field Notes: Upperside of males are white with black tips. Has white spots on the forewings and narrow black margins around the hindwings. Female upperside is grey with wide black edges and white spots near the forewing apices. The underside of both male and female is the same having a black with yellow band on the forewing. Hindwings have an irregular broken red loop. This species has a shorter antennae and more rounded forewings compared to other Jezebel butterflies. Size: Wingspan 56 mm

Photos by Dusty, April 2012. Location: Gympie, QLD.
Copy - DSC_0237.jpg

Normal underwing however an unusual form of yellow can occur.
Copy - DSC_7392.jpg
This skink was monitoring its movements, probably looking for a meal.
Copy - DSC_7394.jpgCopy - DSC_0242.jpg

Female identified by broad dark margins around the wings.

Braby, M. (2004). The complete field guide to butterflies of Australia.
Museum Victoria
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