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Deer skin project ideas?


Malcolm Douglas
Nov 10, 2014
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Dandenong Ranges
Most of the leather I’ve ever played with has been pretty heavy duty, great for sturdy bags, sheaths etc… however…

I was given a side of very soft, supple deer skin from Japan, it’s beautiful, but I’m stuck on ideas for projects to make from it! Can anyone offer me any inspiration? I know this is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question, but I have no immediate need to inspire me, so I’d love to just see what you’ve made out of such a fine, soft leather.

Le Loup

Rüdiger Nehberg
Apr 29, 2011
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New England NSW
Knife and Sheath 003.JPG
This knife sheath is actually made from the outer bark of the Stringybark tree & I covered it in leather.
Sword Scabbard 1.JPG
This Hunting sword scabbard I made from a heavy leather & then covered it in a thinner softer leather.

I once made a pair of moccasins out of deer leather, I made them hair inside for winter warmth. Bad mistake. The deer hair brought up a terrible rash on my feet!!!
SHOT goose shot REDUCED.jpgShot bag 1 REDUCED.jpg

You could make a poke bag, a drawstring pouch. I have made several of these, I also made some soft leather containers for holding lead shot.

Food bags & glass bottles. Carried in the knapsack, haversack, snapsack or market wallet..jpg
Food bags, one made of leather.
Gunpowder Bag #2 Reduced.JPGGunpowder Bag 6..jpg
Gunpowder bags.
My Fire Bag. I carry my tinderbox in this greased leather bag. The top has a flap closer, & I then roll this down to make it waterproof (Keeps my tinder dry). I carry it in my belt pouch.
Making A Leather Pouch 014.jpgMaking A Leather Pouch 015.jpg
My medical pouch (first aid kit).
Rum Bottle 2.JPG2 REDUCED 1.jpg
My glass rum bottle I protect in a leather pouch.
Belt Pouch-New Belt Loops 001 REDUCED.jpg
My Belt Pouch.
Water Flasks 003.JPG2 REDUCED.jpg
Glass Water Flasks covered in leather.
Bow 11.JPG
My Bow bound in leather.
Bow & Arrows 5 REDUCED.JPG
My arrow quiver made from sheepskin.

I hope this may at least give you some ideas.
Regards, Keith.


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