David Beckham into the Unknown


Les Hiddins
Apr 15, 2012
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Helensburgh, NSW
I've just sat through 90 minutes of watching David Beckham, but not on a soccer pitch. Into the unknown is one and a half hours of soccers most famous player as he treks, boats and rides a motorcycle through the Brazilian Amazon.

During which he sleeps in a hammock, sharpens his machete on a river stone, lights a bushcraft fire, catches prepares & cooks some fish, and stays with an Amazonian tribe.

Although, no doubt it's reasonably well scripted, this is definitely an exploration of a side of Beckham that I certainly hadn't thought existed and with his wish 'just to get away from it' rings a familiar tone with me. His love of motorcycles and the reason he rides (to be anonymous behind the helmet) are also quite telling and something I can relate to.

If you're lucky enough to have access to the BBC iPlayer then give it a look. Well worth it (IMHO).