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Darche Hybrid one man tent


Nest In the Hills
Staff member
May 2, 2011
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Central West, NSW
Yeah, i have a black wolf stealth bivvy (Crissie present), I'm a bit over 6 1 and it is not suitable. Shoulder touches the top and water get on you under most conditions. Head room is barely adequate. Only way it is useable is to have a separate fly/tarp voer the top and leave the tops open to let the moisture out, but then its not a "stealth" bivvy anymore. This looks a little taller, not sure about length. Would sell bivvy to short slender peron if pushed.

Agreed dusty, I bought one of these cause it was on sale and cheap and I thought I would try it out... You get what you pay for. It's a poor design, droops and leaks water. I gave mine away.