Mammal Dama dama (Fallow Deer)


Henry Arthur Readford
May 23, 2011
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Common Name: Fallow Deer

Scientific Name: Dama dama

Family: Cervidae

Other Names: N/A

Distribution: Introduced species and Farmed

Habitat: primarily grazing animals and make full use of any available pasture while using the adjacent forest or scrub for cover. Because they are creatures of the open forest where good vision is an advantage, fallow deer possess extremely good vision and can detect movement at a great distance.

Field Notes: Mature fallow bucks stand about 90cm at the shoulder and weigh approximately 90kg. Does are much smaller and lighter, standing about 76cm and weighing only about 40kg. Colour varies considerably in fallow deer and ranges from the common or 'red' fallow deer, through the black or melanistic fallow, to animals which are creamy white.
A mature fallow buck's antlers are quite different in shape and style to the antlers of any other deer species in this country. Brow and trez tines emerge from the beam as in some other species and, occasionally a bez tine is also produced. Above the trez tine, the beam flattens or 'palmates' into a broad palm-like area. The points on the rear edge of the palm are termed 'spellers', while the lowest of these is called the guard tine.

Photo by Auscraft 2011

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