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D2 Sheath Knife VIA England ( FeeBay )


Lofty Wiseman
Aug 27, 2021
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D2 knife.jpg
crazyfoxltd123 ( off feebay ) D2 Knife ..

This be my 2nd knife from crazyfoxltd123 ... My first being a 1095 that blew chunks .
That first knife was soft ..

This knife ordered , is supposedly D2 .... Still SOFT !
Yes the blade steel is buttery soft !
ANd I have to wonder if any attempt at all was made to harden the steel ? It's just that soft ...
I think the seller sells some really nice looking knives , but when form trumps function ?
Yeah , this knife might be as useful as a rusty nail ...
I sharpened it and in doing so , suffered a major case of buyers remorse . ( Sooooooffft )
Just how badly can you get it wrong ?
So after two knives , I am assuming these knives might be less a heat treat !
Oh well , slicing paper ...


It's bad , really bad !
Aside from the grind , the soft steel ....
It's a great looking knife , even feels ok in the hand .. Sheath seems well made ! Just a shame the knife does not actually fit . ...... Yeah !
So on my little bench grinder we go and make some corrections .. Now the knife fits the sheath .
It really look great ( the knife ) for a dried up dog left over ! ( I am making assumptions ) .
THe rope will tell the tale of woe or less woe ? ( It might be all woe and no go )
One knife does not make a review or what ever ..
But two knives , both seemingly without heat treat ? Now a interesting tale that might make .


Lofty Wiseman
Aug 27, 2021
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Alright !
Sliced some rope ..
Factory bevel - resharpened !
You could call it a 50 fail or a 100 fail - ill let you decide .

Reground :
The steel is soft , regrinding was quick and easy !
Factory bevel was bad ! With decently hard steel , I would have been grinding for at least 30 minutes if not more .
Butt ... and it's a huge butt !
5 Minutes of grinding , and all the bad juju was gone = ????? Hu !
Yeah , that's some soft D2 ( if it's D2 ) .
Anyways , that 220 grit ground edge returned a 200 Fail .
For the price I paid , I got me a average knife for a average amount of money ( edge reground ) .
+ I also had to fix the knife fitting the sheath issue !
Some people may have issue with fitting a knife to a sheath & maybe having to regrind a bevel .
Thereby having to put up with some FUBAR .
So ............ No I will not recommend the seller or his wares if you are seeking a knife to use ......... How ever !!!
He does have some very nice .... Looking ... knives , that might look really good in a display case / wall / or in some form of ornamental fashion .
I tried his 1095 and it was not good . Now I have tried his D2 and it's not good D2 .

Did'ly I mention how un even the general grind was .. ?
I may have touched on it in the video ..
Not sure where these are made , but I suspect Pakistan .
Form is ok , function is ??????????
Want one to look at = Sure , why not !
Want one to use = Look some where else !