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Amphibian Cyclorana brevipes (Superb Collared Frog)

Dusty Miller

Alexander Pearce
Sep 6, 2011
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Scientific Name: Cyclorana brevipes

Common Name: Superb Collared frog

Other names: Short-footed Water-holding Frog, Blotched Water-holding Frog

Class: Amphibia

Order: Anura

Family: Hylidae

Genus: Cyclorana

Species: C. brevipes

Distribution: Coastal and inland areas (to middle of Queensland) from below Mackay to NSW border. May be found inland in NSW for some idstance below the queensland border.

Habitat: Coastal areas, drier inland forest and grassland.

Field notes: Smallish to medium sized frog (30-60mm) Toe pads present, horizontal pupil. Partial webbing or No webbing. Tympanum (ear drum) is distinct.
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