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Cold Steel Finn Wolf


John McDouall Stuart
Aug 27, 2021
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I'm starting a new post on account I dont want my Finn Wolf associating with that Bushman !

Ok , I started by processing fatwood a few days ago with the Finn Wolf ..
I then stropped the knife a little so as to smooth it out a little slicing paper ..
Then I did the rope slice .
Oh , how did it go . For AUS8 , a rather impressive 400 slice fail .
And the edge stropped back really nicely ..

I have removed the thumb stud from my blade as it gets in the way of sharpening / stropping the blade .. ( To date I have only stropped )
And to restore the edge does not require a lot of stropping .

There is no play in the blade , it locks up tight and is very easy and smooth to open .
Also a very comfortable knife to use .
For it's size it is relatively light weight .
Is it Uber strong - I dont think so - Not Uber strong ! Treat it like a pocket knife and it should serve you well .
I can see the Finn Wolf serving as a 2nd knife to a sheath knife and doing so well ! Especially with it's easy to maintain edge . ( For me so far )
I dare say that the Finn Wolf may deserve a spot in any knife collection .
I held off buying one for a very long time , but finally bit the bullet ! If this knife is the NORM ( normal ) , then here is a knife worth owning !

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