Reptile Christinus marmoratus (Marbled Gecko)


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Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria
Scientific Name: Christinus marmoratus

Common Name: Marbled Gecko

Order: Squamata

Family: Gekkonidae

Other Names: Marbled Gecko

Distribution: Southern Australia, in a band along the coast from Perth to Melbourne (including several off shore islands).
Note: No geckos occur in Tasmania or the southern Alps.
This is one of only a few geckos which occur in Victoria, and has the most southern distribution of all Australian geckos. This species also has a small colony in Shark Bay (WA).

Habitat: Shelters under loose bark, exfoliating rocks and deep crevices or holes. I have seen them in Melbourne, in wood piles and sitting on a car in a garage.

Field Notes: The Marbled Gecko ranges from pale to dark grey and can be pinkish brown (as in the picture); dark lines form irregular marbling or irregular zigzag transverse bands. The pattern on the tail is similar to the main body. Reddish brown to orange coloured blotches can occur on the tail, esp in juveniles (see photos below).
70 – 100 mm in length.
This species of gecko is unusual in that they often occur in “aggregations” of up to individuals, with one male present.
They eat arthropods such as insects, spiders and scorpions, but will sometimes “lap” at fruits.
They have un-blinking eyes and the use their long tongues to wipe their eyes. Geckos lay 2 eggs.

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