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Cheapest Mora ? ( Garberg )


John McDouall Stuart
Aug 27, 2021
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survivalsuppliesaustralia dot com au
OK , just shelled out $169 bananas for a Carbon Garberg from WA .. With free standard shipping !
This knife will not arrive in time for this forums closure ..
But a review will be posted on bladeforums dot com .

This price is competitive with importing said knife .
I mean , I have been window shopping for a long time now . & this knife is priced all over the place from said 169 to over 300 bananas .... + shipping !
So it pays to google what your after .
It will be my Birthday present for myself for 2023 ... I usually shop around the 50 banana range as more expensive knives tend to disappoint ! ( That edge performance thing )


Richard Proenneke
Mar 9, 2013
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Perth, WA
Garberg is a great knife? With a large amount of carry options. I have the SS version. I added the firesteel and sharpening attachment. I like the way the firesteel locks in place. You won't be disappointed