Cheap, light weight, awesome kitchen knife for travel


John McDouall Stuart
Jan 9, 2019
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We go away several times a year. Usually stay at accommodation somewhere then venture out on whatever discipline is the focus of the trip.

I hate blunt cheap knives that are always in these places. We've been using a scanpan spectrum soft touch santoku with a 14cm blade. This is awesome for travel. It is very light, very cheap ($10), very sharp, and comes with a great sheath (needed for travel). It's also a high carbon blade, which is why it is coated. That probably means 1065 or 1085 (not much of it). The blade stock is thin, I'm guessing around 1-1.5mm (I don't have it here now, I left it where I've been living and working). This thing slices easily through soft tomatoes.

I sharpened it once on a spyderco sharpmaker about two years ago. Since then I've just been stropping - this is my usual routine with any knife now. It will one day need sharpening again, of course, but because it is used for travel it is only used for about 4-6 weeks each year.

I find this knife works best if I roll the blade from the point (point touching the board) through whatever I'm slicing, unless it's soft stuff like tomato, onions. It kind of slams through if you don't roll it (carrots, potatoes, apples). I think this is because of the thin flat blade stock. There is a bevel less than a cm behind the edge, but the rest of the blade is flat. Typical good kitchen knives are wedge shaped and tend to slice uniformly all the way through (no slamming).

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