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Bushcraft Library


Richard Proenneke
Aug 3, 2011
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Here's a list of books, pamphlets, & Vics/DVDs reletive to bushcraft/survival that people may wish to research;

Complied by Stuart from Bushcraft UK.



98.6 Degrees the art of keeping your ass alive - cody lundin
A Collection of Indigenous Indonesian Technologies - Craig Thorburn
A cook on the wild side - Hugh fearnley-whittingstall
Adrift - Steven Callahan
Aids to Survival – W.A. Police Academy Command & Land Operations unit
Animal Traps and Trapping - James A. Bateman
Animals, tracks, trails and signs - R. Brown, M. Lawrence and J. pope
Arctic Manual - Vilhjalmur Stefanson
Army manual of Hygiene and Sanitation 1934 - MoD
Automotive operation and maintenance (for Pioneer roads) – E. Christopher Cone
Axe Manual of Peter McLaren – Peter McLaren
Basic Blacksmithing - David Harries and Bernhard Heer
Being your own Wilderness Doctor – Dr. E. Russel Kodet
Botany in a day - Thomas J. Elpel
British Trees in Colour - Cyril Hart, illus Charles Raymond
Bush Arts – Mors Kochanski
Bushcraft - Richard Graves
Bushcraft How to Live In The Jungle And Bush
Bushcraft Skills and How To Survive In The Wild - Anthonio Akkermans
Cache Lake Country - John J. Rowlands
Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making - William Hamilton Gibson
Campers' Guide to Woodcraft and Outdoor Life - Luis Henderson
Camping and woodcraft - Horace Kephart
Camping in the Old Style - Dave Wescott, David Wescott
Camplife in the woods and the tricks of trapping - W. Hamilton Gibson
Camplore and Woodcraft - Daniel Beard
Care of the Critically Ill Patient in the Tropics and Subtropics - David A.K. Watters
Complete book of survival - Eddie McGee
Country Woodcraft - Drew Langsner
Craftsmen of Necessity - Christopher williams
Culpepers herbal remedies - Nicholas Culpeper
Deadfalls and snares - A.R Harding
Deep Survival - Laurence Gonzales
Desert expeditions – Tom Sheppard
Desert Survival Tips, Tricks & Skills -Tony Nester
Ditch Medicine - Hugh L. Coffee
Don’t Die in The Bundu - Col. D. H. Grainger
Down but not out - Royal Canadian air force Survival training School
Dwelling Portably 1980-89 - Bert and Holly Davis
Dwelling Portably 1990-99 - Bert and Holly Davis
Dwelling Portably 2000-2008 - Bert and Holly Davis
Dwellings - Paul Oliver
Earth Knack - Bart & Robin Blankenship
Emergency Navigation - David Burch
Essential Bushcraft - Ray Mears
Essentials of Sea Survival - Frank Golden MD, PHD & Michael Tipton PHD
Expedition Medicine - The Royal Geographical society
Experiments on Knife sharpening - Department of materials science and engineering Iowa state university
Extreme survival - Dr Kenneth Kamler
Finding your way without a map or compass - Harrold Gatty
Food and Emergency Food in the Circumpolar Area - Kerstin Eidlitz
Food for free - Richard Mabey
Friluftsboken - Lars Fält
Gemsbok Bean & Kalahari truffle, traditional plant use by Jul'hoansi in N.East Namibia - Arno Leffers
Handbok Overlevnad - Lars Fält
Handbook of knots and splices – Charles Gibson
Hints to travellers Scientific and general (1883) – Royal Geographical society
Home manufacture of Furs and Skins - A.B. Farnham
Home tanning and leather making guide - A.B Farnham
Homegrown sun dwellings – Peter Van Dresser
How to **** in the woods - Kathleen Meyer
How to make tools - Christiansen & Bernard Zubrowski
How to stay alive in the woods – Bradford Angier
How to survive in the bush, on the coast, in the mountains of New Zealand – Lt B. Hildrith RNAF
How to survive on land and sea - US naval institute press
Hunting with a Bow and arrow – Saxton pope
Improvised repairs to wheeled vehicles in the field (1943) – British MOD
Indian Fishing - Hilary Stewart
Inner navigation – Erik Jonsson
Into the primitive - Dale martin
Knife Making - Bo Bergman
Knowledge of the Ancestors - Ryan Leech
Life at the extremes the science of survival - Frances Ashcroft
Living off nature - Judy Urquhart
Living off the land, a manual of bushcraft - Salt (Melbourne, Vic.)
Manifold destiny - Chris Maynard & Bill Scheller
Medicine for Mountaineering and other wilderness activities - James A. Wilkerson
Mini Technology Handbook Volume 1 & 2 – B.R. Saubolle & S.J. Bachmann
Minor surgical procedures in remote areas – Medecins San frontiers
Mountainman crafts and skills - David Montgomery
Moving Heavy Things - Jan Adkins
Naked into the wilderness - John & geri Mcpherson
Naked into the wilderness 2 - John & Geri McPhearson
Never say die – Canadian Military
New way of the wilderness - Calvin Rutstrum
No need to Die - Eddie McGee
Northern Bushcraft - Mors kochanski
Nutrition in medicine - Simon P. Allison
On Your own in the Wilderness – Colonel Townsend Whelen
Outdoor safety and survival - British Columbia outdoor recreation division
Outdoor survival skills - Larry Dean Olsen
Outdoors survival handbook - Ray Mears
Paradise Below Zero - Calvin Rutstrum
Participating in Nature - Thomas J. Elpel
Passport to Survival - Esther Dickey
Performing in extreme environments - Lawrence E. Armstrong
Physiology of Man In The Desert - E. F. Adolph
Pioneering projects - John Thurman
Plants with a Purpose - Richard Mabey, Marjorie Blamey
Poachers and poaching - John Watson
Polar Expeditions – Rachel Duncan
Practicing Primitive: A Handbook of Aboriginal Skills - Steven M. Watts
Primary Diagnosis & Treatment, in Developing countries - Daniel E. Fountain
Primitive outdoor skills - Richard L Jamison
Primitive Technology - Erret Callahan
Primitive technology 2, Ancestral Skills - society for primitive technology
Primitive technology, a book of earth skills - society for primitive technology
Ranger Medical Handbook –US Army Special Operations Command
Recipes for roughing it easy - Dian Thomas
Rogers Herbal Manual – Robert Dale Rogers
Roughing it easy 2 - Dian Thomas
Roughing it easy – Dian Thomas
Sahara overland - Chris Scott
Sanitation Without Water - Uno Winblad and Wen Kitama
Saskatchewan trapper training manual – Saskatchewan Education Northern division
Scouting for boys first edition - Baden Powell
Search and Rescue Survival Training AF Reg 64-4 - US department of the air force
Secrets of Eskimo Skin Sewing - Edna Wilder
Shelters shacks and shanties - D.C. Beard
Shifts and Expedients of Camp Life for Travel & Exploration (1871) – W.B Lord & T. Baines
SkyGuide – Mark R. Chartrand
Snow Caves - Ernest Wilkinson
South Sea Lore - Kenneth P. Emory
Staying Alive – Maurice and Maralyn Bailey
Survival - Chris & Gretchen Janowsky
Survival advantage - Andrew Lane
Survival and Austere Medicine - The Remote, Austere, Wilderness and Third World Medicine Discussion Board
Survival arts of the primitive Paiutes - Margaret M. Wheat
Survival How to Prevail In Hostile Enviroments - Xavier Maniguet
Survival Psychology - John Leach
Survival skills of native California - Paul D. Cambell
Survival Skills of the North American Indians - Peter Goodchild
Survival Wisdom & Know How - the editors of stackpole books
Survival, how to prevail in hostile enviroments - Xavier Maniguet
Survive the savage sea - Dougal Robertson
Survive – Clay Blair, Jr.
Surviving Australia - Sorrel Wilby
Tanning at Home - W.B Scarbough
The Art of Survival – Cord Christian Troebst
The art of Tracking, The origin of science - Louis Liebenberg
The Art of Travel - Francis Galton
The axe Manual - Peter Mclaren
The Basic Essentials of Desert Survival - Dave Ganci
The best of Woodsmoke - Richard L. Jamison
The Book of Survival - Anthony Greenbank
The Bushmans handbook - H. A. Lindsay
The Call of the Birds – Charles S. Bayne
The complete book of heating with wood – Larry Gay
The complete book of self sufficiency - John Seymour
The Complete Guide to Edible wild plants,fruits and Nuts - Katie Letcher Lyle
The complete snow campers guide – Raymond Bridge
The essentials of archery - L.E. Stemmler
The foraging spectrum - Robert L. Kelly
The Fungal Pharmacy – Robert Rogers
The Humanure Handbook - Jospeh Jenkins
The Hunting peoples - Carleton S. Coon
The Jungle Hiker - Royal Air Force Welfare ceylon
The Natural Navigator - Tristan Gooley
The nature and subsequent uses of flint - John W. Lord
The Nature doctor – Dr. H. C. A. Vogel
The poachers handbook - Ian Niall
The Practical Mushroom encyclopaedia - peter jorden & steve wheeler
The Prairie Traveler handbook for overland expeditions (1859) – Randolph P. Marcy
The S.A.S. survival hand book - John Wisman
The Ship’s Medicine Chest and Medical Aid at Sea - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
The Sling for sport and survival - Cliff Savage
The survival handbook - Raymond mears
The traditional bowers bible - numerous authors
The Trappers Bible - Dale martin
The Tribal Living Book - David levinson & David Sherwood
The Ultimate desert Handbook - Mark Johnson
The Ultimate encyclopaedia of Knots and rope work - Geoffry Budworth
The wilderness handbook – Paul Petzoldt
The Wilderness Route finder - Calvin Rutstrum
The Winter Wilderness Companion - Garret conover & Alexandra Conover
The Woodsman and Craft Book (1910) – Hoffman ??
Trees & Shrubs of the Okavango delta, Medicinal uses and Nutritional value, volume 1 & 2 - Veronica Roodt
Tropical Forest Expeditions - By Clive Jermy and Roger Chapman
Uteliv - Lars Fält
Vehicle Dependant Expedition Guide - Tom Sheppard
Village Technology Handbook - Volunteers in Technical Assistance
VinterFarden - Lars Fält
When All Hell Breaks Loose - Cody Lundin
Where there is no Dentist - Murray Dickson
Where there is no doctor - David Werner
Wild Food - Gordon Hillman & Ray Mears
Wild Food - Roger Phillips
Wilderness canoeing and camping – Cliff Jacobson
Wilderness Survival Guide - Monty Alford
Wilderness Survival Manual - BC Hydro / W.T. Floyd
Wildwood wisdom - Ellsworth Jaeger
Winter wise - Montague Alford
Wood Conserving Stoves a Design Guide - Volunteers in Technical Assistance
Woodsmanship – Bernard S. Mason
Woodsmoke - Richard & Linda Jamison
Wound Management - Jill A. David

Pamphlets & Booklets:

pioneering knots and lashings - Scout Troop 24
Sea survival - Ministry of defence
Arctic survival - Ministry of defence
Jungle Survival - Ministry of Defence
Basic wilderness survival in cold lacking snow - Mors Kochanski
The compass - Mors Kochanski
The two kilogram survival field kit manual - Mors Kochanski
Basic wilderness survival in deep snow - Mors Kochanski
Knife sharpening - Mors Kochanski
Top seven Bush Knots and the Use of the windlass - Mors Kochanski
tools of survival and survival training - Mors Kochanski
Basic netting - Mors Kochanski
Map use - Mors Kochanski
21 native edible plants - Mors Kochanski
the Inuit snow house - Mors Kochanski
Survival kit ideas - Mors Kochanski
The simple cattail doll - Mors Kochanski
Wilderness Steam Bath - Mors Kochanski
When you meet a Black Bear - Mors Kochanski
The Northern Night Sky - Mors Kochanski
Basic weather Knowledge - Mors Kochanski
Winter Survival in the backcountry - unknown
Winter Survival - BC Hydro
Fickminnie Overlevnad - Lars Fält
fox fire Numerous issues - numerous
A Therapeutic Approach to Arctic Survival Rations - Terence a. rogers, et al
Physiology of Acute Starvation in Man - George F. Cahill
Snow as a life Saver - Don Vockeroth & Jhon Amatt
Survival in the desert - USAF survival school
Alberta Wilderness Arts and Recreation 1-16
The Psychology of Lost - Kenneth Hill
Frictional Fire Making With a Flexible Fire Thong – Henry Balfour
Aboriginal Fire Making - Walter Hough
Cold Weather Operations Personal Survival And Safety guide – British MOD
Desert Weather Operations Personal Survival And Safety guide – British MOD


Sticks as Tools and Implements – Mors Kochanski
Blades: Sharpening and Safe use – Mors Kochanski
Bush Knots – Mors Kochanski
Clothing and Sleeping Bags – Mors Kochanski
A Plant walk with Mors Kochanski Volumes 1 to 7 + master (8 DVD collection) – Mors Kochanski
3 Days at the River with nothing but our bare hands - Thomas J. Elpel
Mountain Meadows camping with almost nothing but the dog - Thomas J. Elpel
Mountain Lakes a survival fishing trip - Thomas J. Elpel
Canoe Camping on a song and a paddle - Thomas J. Elpel
SAS Survival Techniques (two VHS tapes) - John Wiseman
Woodsmoke: Primitive pottery - by Richard & Linda Jamison
Woodsmoke: Primitive cooking - by Richard & Linda Jamison
Woodsmoke: Fire volume 1 - by Richard & Linda Jamison
Survival and self reliance - by Mel DeWeese & Friends
Fire Volume 1 - by Tom Laskowski
Fire Volume 2 - by Tom Laskowski
Stone Age Living Skills, Fire, Food and Cordage - Jim Riggs & Robert Earthworm
Stone Age Living Skills, Hide Tanning - Robert Earthworm & Melvin Beattie
Stone Age Living Skills, Arrows - Brian James
Brain Tan Buckskin – John & Geri McPherson
Breaking Rock 1 - John & Geri McPherson
Breaking Rock 2 - John & Geri McPherson
Deer from Field to Freezer - John & Geri McPherson
How to construct an Asiatic Bow - John & Geri McPherson
Primitive Fire and Cordage - John & Geri McPherson
Primitive Semi-Permanent Shelters - John & Geri McPherson
Primitive Wilderness Skills Applied - John & Geri McPherson
The Primitive Bow and Arrow - John & Geri McPherson


John McDouall Stuart
Dec 13, 2011
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"How to **** in the woods - Kathleen Meyer"

Edit: Oh...I just realised its the S word not the F word...lol


Richard Proenneke
Aug 3, 2011
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Pleeeeenty of research there I reckon.
Should keep a few of us busy for a decade or so.


21st century pict

Malcolm Douglas
Dec 22, 2011
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on the heather
Well that’s an impressive list Stuart
Here’s a short list also from Bushcraft UK, posted under Tracking and “Have you any handy tracking tips or kit.

Preben Bang and Preben Dahlstrom.
Animal Tracks and Signs: 1974.
Collins, London. ISBN 0-00-216106-0 ( New Edition forwarded by Ray Mears. ISBN 978-0-19-929997-3 )

The Trackers bible sinse 1974, the most detailed and comprehensive track and sign identification guide available, covering every major sign group from tracks and gaits to feeding signs, droppings and pellets, homes and shelters, and a short section on collecting and preserving finds.
Without this book no trackers library would be complete.

Brown, Ferguson, Lawrence, Lees.
Tracks and Signs of Birds: 2nd Ed. 2009.
Christopher Helm. ISBN 978-0-7136-5382-3

A remarkable work, incredibly detailed study on avian tracks and sign, if birds are your thing look no further, get this book.

Brown, Lawrence, Pope.
Animals, Tracks trails and Signs: 1992.
Hamlyn Guide. ISBN 0-600-57444-X

A great field guide that ticks all the boxes. Mammal tracks and trails, Bird tracks, pathways and runs, feeding signs, droppings and bird pellets, skull identification with descriptions of dentition a brief section on field techniques and glossary. Everything a good field guide should be.

Jon Young and Tiffany Morgan
Animal Tracking Basics
Stackpole Books. ISBN 978-0-8117-3326-7

Overlapping the traditional and fundamental tracking skills of observation and interpretation,and crossing over to Holistic tracking, tuning into the natural world with basic exercises designed to develop Increasing and refine sensory awareness and intuition. With chapters covering journaling, ecology mapping, animal runs, trailing, aging tracks and sign, birdsong and storytelling and finally a chapter on modern tracking tools cyber-tracker software, camera traps, digital photography and video recording, soot trays and trapping.

Jack Kearney.
Tracking a Blueprint for Learning How: 8th Ed 2009.
Pathways Press. ISBN 978-0-9658881-1-0

A dedicated and proven "step by step" system to learning the art of tracking, by former US Boarder Patrol’s Agent Jack Kearny, tracker and instructor.

Tom Brown, Jr.
Nature Observation and Tracking: 1983.
Berkley Books, NY,. ISBN 978-0-425-09966-7

If you only ever buy one book on tracking, you guessed it, buy this one, from a master tracker Tom Brown Jr.

Tom Brown, Jr.
The Science and Art of Tracking: 1999.
Berkley Books, NY,. ISBN 978-0-425-15772-5

Without question and by far the most advanced and in depth study of track features ever published,. A master class in tracking.

Bob Carss tracking instructor 22 SAS (Ret) .
The Complete Guide to Tracking: New Rev Ed 2009.
Right Way. ISBN 978-0-7160-2205-3

Comprehensive and detailed, essential reading for any future tracker, from cover to cover, page by page packed full with all the Information,knowledge and skills for the new or advanced tracker. Tried, tested and proven by SF trackers.
Forwarded by the legendary John 'lofty' Wiseman.

David Diaz.
Tracking, Signs of Man, Signs of Hope: 2005. .
Lyons Press. ISBN 978-1-59228-686-7

Compulsory reading for any SAR, law enforcement, or military tracker, with an incredible and compulsive account of an operational chase by David Diaz acknowledged SF tracking expert.

David Scott-Donelan.
Tactical Tracking Operations: 1998.
Paladin Press. ISBN 978-158160003-2

From 1961 David Scott-Donelan served in a TCU of the Rhodesian SAS Selous Scouts. In 1980 he joined the South African SF reconnaissance regiment, before becoming Training Director of a Tactical Tracking Operations School in the United States.
Possibly the best tactical tracking book ever printed .

Louis Liebenberg.
The Art of Tracking, The Origin of Science: 1995.
David Philip, Publishers. ISBN 0864862938

A neuroanthropology study in hominid and hunter-gatherer evolution and intellect. With chapters covering, Evolution and the origins of tracking. The origin of science and art. Hunter-Gatherers of the Kalahari. Scientific knowledge of spoor. Animal behaviour and spoor interpretation. Estimating the age of spoor. Interpretation of animal activities and behaviour. Divining and hunting magic. Fundamentals and principles of tracking. Recognition of signs. Systematic and speculative tracking. Classification of signs, spoor, scent, urine, faeces and saliva, pellets, feeding signs, vocal and auditory signs, visual, incidental and circumstantial signs, blood and skeletal spoor, territorial signs, paths, homes and shelters. Variations between and within animal species and individual animal spoor. Mammal, Bird, Invertebrates, Amphibians, and Reptile spoor. Structure of feet and gaits. Scientific research programmes.

A remarkable and incredibly in-depth study in anthropology and so much more. Essential reading for any student of tracking. 10/10.
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Ludwig Leichhardt
Sep 13, 2011
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Ironbark, SEQ
Hi again 21Pict,
That last book looks especially interesting.
Thanks for posting.


Never Alone In The Bush
Staff member
Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria
Here's an interesting historic book:

The Bushman’s Companion - by Rev. John Flynn, Australian Inland Mission. First published in 1910


Its an interesting mix of first aid, hymns, prayers and practical advice for people on the land.

It includes such items as stocking a first aid kit, snake bite management, making a will, a services for burying the dead, and the words to Auld Lang Syne !


Nest In the Hills
Staff member
May 2, 2011
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Central West, NSW
This thread is a great resource. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to it. I will make this a sticky.

Edit: its already stuck. As it should be :D


John McDouall Stuart
Aug 5, 2011
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Here is a list of Australian Bushcraft books I posted in a separate thread.

Apologies for any overlap with the lists posted above.

General Bushcraft

Your Own Resources by Michael Richardson
A Practical Book For Self Sufficient People In Australia.

The 10 Bushcraft Books by Richard Graves

  • Ropes and Cords
  • Huts and Thatching
  • Campcraft
  • Food and Water
  • Firemaking
  • Knots and Lashings
  • Tracks and Lures
  • Snares and Traps
  • Travel and Gear
  • Time and Direction

Bushcraft: A Serious Guide to Survival and Camping by Richard Graves

Australian Bushcrafts (10 Books) by Ron Edwards

  • Australian Traditional Bushcrafts
  • Skills of the Australian Bushman
  • Making Do in the Bush
  • Using What is Available
  • Developing Your Skills
  • Old Ideas for Use Today
  • Preserving Old Secrets
  • Bush Leatherwork
  • How to Make Whips
  • Living in the Bush

Australian Bushcraft by M.W. Plate

Australian Aboriginal Bushcraft by General Books LLC

The Australian Bushcraft Handbook by Lex Lannoy

Australian Bushcraft by Australian Army Education Service

Bushwalking and Mountaincraft Leadership by Victorian Department of Youth Sport and Recreation

The Bushman's Handbook by H.A Lindsay
A Practical Guide for Finding Water, Snaring Game, Catching Fish, Camping and General Bushcraft.

The Rucksack Bushwalker and Camper by Milo Dunphy
A Practical and environmental guide to lightweight bushgoing for Australians

Bushcraft by Bill Stoate
A Complete Guide for Bushwalkers, Campers and All Outdoor Enthusiasts

Bushwalking and Camping by Paddy Palin
Paddy Palin's Handbook on Australian Bushcraft

Fire Lighting

Primitive Fire Lighting by Keith H. Burgess

Flora and Bush Tucker

Bush Tucker Field Guide by Les Hiddins
A 540 page field guide to native plants of SE Queensland and Northern NSW. Of course, many of the species covered in the field guide are not restricted this region.

Mangroves to Mountains by Denis Cox, Kerry Rathie, Jan Glazebrook, Glenn Leiper.
A 540 page field guide to native plants of SE Queensland and Northern NSW. Of course, many of the species covered in the field guide are not restricted this region.

A Guide to Flowers and Plants of Tasmania by Launceston Field Naturalists Club

The Bushfood Handbook by Vic Cherikoff

Wild Food Plants of Australia by Tim Low

Wild Herbs of Australia and New Zealand by Tim Low

Bush Tucker: Australia's Wild Food Harvest by Tim Low

A Field Guide to the Fungi of Australia by Tony Young & A.M Young

Tracking and Hunting

Tracks,Scats and other Traces by Barbra Triggs
A field guide to Australian Mammals.

Shooting and Shooting Bushcraft by S. H. Edwards
An Australian book on Guns, Rifles, Ammunition, Stalking Decoys, Skinning, Game Drives and Bushcraft.