Best locations to Live in? (food abundance)???


John McDouall Stuart
Jun 13, 2011
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As Le Loup advised, survival and ‘living’ are two things. I’m guessing you don’t want to simply survive. A mate of mine was a caretaker of a rural property and is now a roustabout on a sheep property. Hard work and need some useful upfront skills like being a jackaroo, shooting, stock care, fencing and general construction. There’s actually a jackaroo/jillaroo school – think it’s in Queensland.

Survival trainers will teach you to live off the land, which is hard unless you want to be nomadic and follow seasonal foods. Hunting is a whole different ball game. Climate change is making it harder still.

I suggest you may want to consider the Permaculture lifestyle i.e. growing all your own food, raising animals, etc. Don’t necessarily need your own land to do that e.g. a nice landlord may let you convert a rental garden into something productive. Getting one in a rural town would be a bonus.

As far as climate, Sub Tropical and Tropical provide almost year round growing ability. Cold climates limit production. And, arid/Australian Mediterranean climates are simply too unpredictable these days e.g. inland and South Australian coastal.

Government stability, currency exchange rates, availability of resources and First World health facilities may also be important to you in the long run. If you were born and bred in Australia, some of the bugs found in tropical Asian countries could be very nasty to catch.