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Belt clip - Archery Quiver


Never Alone In The Bush
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Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria

I wanted a belt clip to hang my quiver, so decided to make one using mild steel (which I have in the shed)
You can bend mild steel without heating it up, so its great for this sort of project; and I'm not trying to harden or sharpen it, so heat, tempering etc is not an issue.

I made a sort of template out of paper, traced it roughly onto the steel and cut it out with the angle grinder:

I put it in a steel jawed vice and made the first 90 degree fold, then lifted it up and bent it the rest of the way with a shim (so it would keep a space for my belt)

I didn't take many pictures, but I'm sure yo get he gist of it. I folder the widest, most difficult bit first, and the holding (narrowest) part last.
I was going to paint it, but instead soaked it in vinegar to give it a patina.

20201011_112558.jpg 20201011_112624.jpg

Here it is in action. Nothing fancy, just a utilitarian clip: