Bark Sheath - (blade protector ?)


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Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria
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While walking last weekend I picked a ribbon of bark and made a quick "bark sheath". ( )

This isn't really a sheath, more of a "blade protector" because it wouldn't stop the blade coming through, but it is surprisingly good and functional.

I'm not going to give any kind of tutorial because I didn't take any photos as I went, but a quick internet search will reveal instructions.
Its very simple and only took a few minutes; I was able to fashion it as I walked, while it was raining so it can't be that hard.
One source I read did point out that you can easily make this using cereal box cardboard, so no excuse for not trying it at home !

This can easily be adapted to form a belt loop and/or a wooden insert to function as a true sheath (something I will try when I get a chance).

I don't need a sheath for my folder, but I will make some for some bladed I have which don't have proper sheaths. I'll pay a bit more attention too and get the wraps done properly too !

I was very surprised that the sheath has a very snug and secure fit and should prove fairly robust .... well worth investing the research !