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Bird Azure Kingfisher (Alcedo azure)


Ludwig Leichhardt
Sep 13, 2011
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Ironbark, SEQ
Scientific Name: Alcedo azure

Common Name: Azure kingfisher

Order: Coraciiformes

Family: Alcedinidae

Other Names: NA

Distribution: Northern and eastern Australia including Tasmania. New Guinea and nearby islands.

Habitat: Banks of creeks, rivers, lakes swamps and esturies.

Field Notes: Small kingfisher 17 to 19cm.
Brightly coloured, back and wings deep azure blue.
Large white spot on side of neck. White 'eye spot' in front of eye above bill..
Chest, stomach and under tail rufous/buff almost orange.
Despite bright colours is often difficult to see until it flys. Call is a high pitched 'pseet-pseet' often in flight.
Nest is a tunnel in earth bank next to water.

Source: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azure_Kingfisher

Photo by Hairyman
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