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Bird Australian Ringneck Parrot (Barnardus zonarius)


Richard Proenneke
May 19, 2011
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Western 'burbs, WA
Scientific Name: Barnardus zonarius

Common Name: Australian Ringneck Parrot

Order: Psittaciformes

Family: Psittaculidae

Other Names: Twenty Eight (race semitorquatus), Port Lincoln (zonarius), Mallee Ringneck (barnardi), Cloncurry Ringneck (macgillivrayi)

Distribution: Twenty Eight - heavier forests of the SW
Port Lincoln - drier regions E and SW
Mallee Ringneck - similar to Port Lincoln, inland SE
Cloncurry Ringneck - Near Cloncurry and upper reaches of the Diamantina R.

Habitat: Twenty Eight - wet SW, jarrah, karri, wandoo and marri.
Port Lincoln - woodlands, mallee, mulga, spinifex, tree-lined watercourses
Mallee Ringneck - similar to Port Lincoln
Cloncurry Ringneck - arid, hilly, open forest and grassland

Field Notes: All races have the yellow ringneck hind-collars, but otherwise differ in calls and other details.

This example below is a hybrid of the local (SW WA) "Twenty Eight" (Barnardus zonarius semitorquatus) and the "Port Lincoln" (Barnadus zonarius zonarius).
The typical hybrid features are the yellow belly of the Port Lincoln, and the red frontal band of the Twenty Eight.
The Twenty Eight is slowly merging with the Port Lincoln as the habitat of the Twenty Eight becomes less available and they move further inland.
(Info source: Michael Morcombe, Field Guide to Australian Birds, 2nd Ed, 2003​)

A fellow bushwalker snapped this fella while at Walyunga NP, east of Perth in the Avon Valley
Australian Ringneck Walyuna May 2012.jpg
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