Aluminum Needle file handles


Rüdiger Nehberg
Aug 16, 2011
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Gday.. more peddling of my knick knacks.

I have been selling these on eBay for $15 a pair, they are quite a popular item.
Here, let me extend some mates rate if anyone want some.
Lets make it at $10 a pair plus whatever the postage cost.

These are very well made, very solid handle, with 3mm shaft hole (can be enlarged with a drill or lathe), the shaft is fastened to the handle by 4mm grub screws.
I have been using these for many things beside file handles.
I have use them to hold sewing needles for leather stitching (I have plenty of large-size 24 needles that are good for thick +1mm thread),
handle for tiny screw taps (I have plenty of those too), mini screwdrivers and such.

Again, I do not want your money, I want a trade instead, or you can get me something from the BushcraftOz store for a swap.