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A Message To The Forum


Nest In the Hills
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May 2, 2011
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Central West, NSW
Hi Everyone,

Each member is responsible for their own posts. The moderators check that discussions and interactions are in line with the rules of the forum. We have allowed members leeway (after much discussion) and unfortunately that has bought about an escalation of tension, rather than allowing the situation to diffuse.

It is regrettable that some members have taken deep offense, and we are sorry that the situation escalated to that point. We have acted decisively now and ensured that the source of tension is removed.

At times it may look like we are being one sided but what occurs behind the scenes is very different, we hope we are fair at all times but we can and do make some mistakes.
We are sorry that this issue may have affected members enjoyment of the forum.

We will contact the affected members directly to discuss the matter, but if anyone feels they need please PM myself or the mods directly.


That's the official line. Now off the cusp.

None of us take joy in banning anyone and we certainly dont like coming home from work like you all to have to diffuse an argument on the forum. People have blue's all the time. It is just a way of life that people will disagree. I can assure you that the mods on this forum work bloody hard behind the scenes discussing every post that might be read the wrong way. They care more than you will probably ever realise about the quality of the forum and its members. Almost always we have both sides in our ears and we have to hear both sides, which both sides are not happy about as you would expect.

Sometimes, in fact most of the time we might look like we act late. If that's the case then the blame, if there is one lays firmly on my shoulders as I am the only admin. I can only say that I want to give enough time for people to have a chance the turn the situation around. It seems this is rarely the case and it ends up the same way so this is something I will need to take on board.

With that all being said. You can't argue with yourself. We ALL want a friendly forum. If a member says something which is offensive to you in anyway whatsoever then posting a reply because it offends you is not the right response. The only acceptable response is to report the post to the mods, dont reply, walk away and we WILL reply and take action either by PMing the individual involved or discussing it in the moderators forum.
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