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Thread: Terra Nova Starlite 1

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    Russell Coight

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    Terra Nova Starlite 1

    I am considering purchasing this tent, I am finding great difficulty finding any reviews of this tent or the company itself. I am keen on the size and weight of this tent but without reviews I struggle justifying $500 into it.

    Does anyone own Terra Nova products? Were they of high quality, and if you had a problem how was the customer service?


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    I don't know about Terra Nova, but don't restrict yourself to reviews just for the one you want.
    Checkout their other tents reviews too because it may give you some tips on what to look for, and if there are issues or things they point out, you can try and see if these are applicable to the Starlite too


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    John McDouall Stuart
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    What is the intended use for the tent?

    I have used a variety of tents or shared with others over the years. True wilderness, snow, jungle, desert the go to for a one-man tent for me was/is the Macpac Microlight.

    On a walk out from Lake Eucumbene to Mount Jagingal we overnighted at Cesjacks Hut and opted to sleep in tents rather than a cold hut.

    Overnight we had an unexpected drop of snow that left about 20cm covering the area. A cold nose woke me up at daybreak and when I opened my eyes I couldn't focus, so unzipped the sleeping bag to rub them and my hand hit the roof of then tent that had deflected down under the weight of the snow and was touching my nose!

    Simply pushed the tent up to remove the snow, unzipped it, got out and packed up in the clearing made by the tent.

    A close inspection of the tent found no damage whatsoever.

    After that and a few other instances of torrential rain and gale force winds, that little tent is a must have - they've been around for over twenty years, tried and tested.

    No connections, just experience

    Good luck with the comparisons.

    Thank Goodness For Australian Hardwoods!

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    Mors Kochanski

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    here is a similar tent on special now: $190 odd bucks.
    i think a lean to style shelter is more bushcrafty but may not be as comfortable as that tent

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