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Thread: Who Likes And Uses Hurricane Lamps..?

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    Richard Proenneke
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    Th Optimus 8r is a great stove, I have one that is almost brand new. I tend to fall back on a small Coleman 442 though as it has fantastic simmer control.

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    Lofty Wiseman

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    This little Svea 123 is also known as a "chuffa", burns Shellite and will work at full heat output even in the coldest of climates. Easily 30 plus years old and still going strong. Still use it for overnight full pack walks especially during total fire bans.

    Chuffa Stove.jpg

    Recently bought this stove over from the U.S as not available in Australia and is the Optimus plus Hiker. A multifuel stove and will burn Shellite, kero, diesel and probably some others. Also known as the Himalaya stove and meant for expeditions going into really remote sparsly populated areas where fuels are hard to get.

    Again a stove that will work at full heat in the harshest of climates.

    Hiker plus stove.jpg

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    Malcolm Douglas
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    Quote Originally Posted by koalaboi View Post
    Here it is packed up to travel. I keep it in a cotton bag.

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    ...One of my favourite bits of kit which has boiled my billy from the highlands of Papua to the southern coast of Tassie to the deserts of Central Australia. It's 38 years old, has had no maintenance and works every time. (sub-quoted)


    WOW! She's a keeper then I assume. Oh, the romance...
    'Tools are the keys to a mans life, so choose wisely' (Socrates, 399-470 B.C.)

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