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Thread: What did you do today?

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    John McDouall Stuart
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    "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
    I took the one less travelled by,
    And that has made all the difference".
    Robert Frost

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    Lofty Wiseman
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    Had little explore in a pine plantation on the side of the highway. Kicked around in a pile of rotting discarded wood and found this behemoth bit of fat wood!

    It is absolutely soaked in resin, the dirt on it it solid and brittle with resin as well.

    So I have spent a bit of time processing some down to manageable chunks to carry around.

    Also shaved up a fair bit and mixed it up with pretty much everything else I had lying around in various fire kits. The smell when you cut this stuff is amazing, and the fire starting mix takes a spark from a ferro no problem and burns for a fair bit with all the fat wood in there.

    Also discovered a top tip to get pine resin off your tools (which was becoming a pain in the proverbial): a few sprays of isopropyl alcohol and it wipes away no fuss!

    As much as I could just sit here and whittle away at fat wood for the rest of the day, I better get back to the studies!

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    Les Stroud

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    The drawcord on the hood of my Paddymade rain cape came out and with this rainy weather about thought it was time to fix it. Found some suitable nylon cord and with a length of wire fished it through.
    The toggles at the ends of the original cord had disintergrated and in my odds and ends found a length of wooden dowling rod. Cut into a couple of short lengths, drilled and whittled down to a rounded shape.

    A couple of simple knots and all is restored ready for the next rainy outing.


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