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Thread: Tipuana tipu (Racehorse tree)

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    Tipuana tipu (Racehorse tree)

    Botanical Name: Tipuana tipu

    Family: Fabaceae, the legume family.

    Common Name: Racehorse tree.

    Other Names: Yellow Jacaranda (unrelated), Rosewood

    Distribution: Native to Brazil. Widely planted in rural areas of Australia due to its very rapid growth rate.

    Field Notes: Medium tree up to 30m tall. Very fast growing, produces copious quantities of winged seeds (~10mm seed + 20mm wing). Escaping cultivation, often seen at roadsides and in watercourses. Wood can be highly figured (like Jacaranda, whose growth habit it mimics). Leaves are much larger than Jacaranda, but arranged in similar ways.

    Uses: Often planted as shade tree, ornamental (copious yellow flowers at times) wood is useful for furniture and cabinetmaking.

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    Russell Coight

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    Hi, I want to plant it for commercial purpose like for furniture. What is the best area like Western Australia or Tasmania for its production?
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    Quite a common street and shade tree here in the West, too.
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