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Mission Statement: Bushcraft Oz was created to provide a central location for the culmination of Australian specific Bushcraft knowledge. Australia contains one of the worlds most diverse and unique ecosystems. Australia's isolation from the rest of the world means that approximately 90 percent of animal species are endemic to the continent. Add to this a dense population of native trees, shrubs, flowers, fungi and regions to represent almost any climate imaginable and you can see why we thought that an Australia specific group was needed.

Member rules and regulations: The following rules and regulations have been created for the benefit of the BushcraftOz community. The rules and regulations have been written to ensure that each members experience on the forums is enjoyable and educational and that every member is treaded fairly and respectfully. Please do your upmost to follow these rules. If a user is seen to be not following any of the forum rules the result will be a warning or ban from the forum per the owners discretion.

Forum Rules:

Moderation: Admin and Moderators on BushcraftOz have the right to use their own initiative and judgement to moderate. They have full authority to act when & how they see fit and all members should abide by what they suggest or enforce. Please abide by the administrator and moderators guidance. If you have any issues with a decision made by a moderator please PM them privately and in a calm and constructive state your grievance so it can be addressed.

Any member who is consistently rude, offensive or seen to be effecting the general experience of other forum members will be given a warning or banned.

Threats: Statements which are threatening or abusive will not be tolerated.

Discrimination: Discriminatory remarks are unacceptable; this includes, but is not limited to, racism, sexism or homophobia. For more information about what constitutes discrimination we recommend

Slander & Libel: Don't make false or malicious claims about other people or organizations.

Where Information regarding to another person or organization is of a vague nature please attempt to provide the source of your information.

Spam: All comments are filtered through spam filtering technology. The technology isn't perfect, so moderators and administrators effect the final decision on the appropriateness of all contributions.

Advertising: BushcraftOz is an independent, not-for-profit discussion platform for Bushcraft in Australia. Please refrain from posting advertisements for your company in the forums unless otherwise permitted by the forum administrator. This includes posts containing links or comments to promote your business. If you are a manufacturer or provider of a Bushcraft related service please contact BushcraftOz via PM information on potential opportunities to advertise your products on the forums.

Please note this refers only to companies. Posting and discussion of products and services related to Bushcraft by unaffiliated persons is allowed and encouraged.

The links in personal signatures for websites, blogs, resources or otherwise related to the subjects explored on this forum is more than welcome. As long as they do not violate the terms outlines above.

If a company or person is spamming their product on the forums in a manner which is not condoned they will be given a warning or banned depending on the severity. Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to use their own judgement in regards to this.

Content: This is a Bushcraft forum NOT a survivalist forum, while people have views on what is and isn't bushcraft any topics or post which a monderator feels are to far on the survivalist side will be removed and the offending member warned. If you don't know the difference see these articles: Survivalisim/Bushcraft.

Offensive Language: Swearing is not permitted on the forum. We really don't want to have to remove any comments with valuable ideas because of foul language. Different people have different opinions about what constitutes offensive language and BushcraftOz will review offensiveness based on severity and context in each particular instance. This goes for swearing on links to other websites or external media sites like youtube.

Relevance: While we appreciate wide-ranging discussions, we'd like to avoid derailed or off-topic threads. Please don't engage in "trolling" (trying to cause trouble in an online forum just for the sake of it). We try our utmost to maintain a polite environment on BushcraftOz. While we absolutely respect everyone's right to have a difference of opinion please consider the good of the forum when phrasing your posts. That is. Please avoid making generalised comments or remarks where the only likley outcome will be an emotional response. Often a well written and educated response will be far better for the health of the BushcraftOz community and will lead to a interesting and informative discussion rather than an argument.

Controversial Topics: The moderating team reserves the right to pass judgement on any thread or post in the forum. Because this is a general forum we still want members to talk about many things so if a topic is closed it will generally be after discussion between more than one moderator. Please dont start another one if the original is closed, this wont be looked upon well and will likely result in a warning or ban.

Anonymity: Pseudonyms are fine, but don't impersonate another person or use an alias to agree with yourself.

Privacy In addition to being mindful of your own, please always consider and respect other people's privacy. For more information about privacy we recommend and

Web Links: You are welcome to include links to material on other websites that are relevant to your comment. BushcraftOz administrators check these links and reserve the right to remove any which lead to material reasonably considered offensive in line with these moderation guidelines.

Online Auction Links: We ask that you please refrain from posting links to online auctions such as eBay due to their expiring nature. If you would like to inform members of an online auction please name the website or give a link to the home page and print the name of the auction and the name of the seller.

For example: "I found a great pack on Ebay. You can find it by searching 'bushcraft backpack'. The sellers name is 'packmaster10'"

Illegal Activity: Do not use this website to conduct any illegal activity or solicit the performance of any illegal activity.

Intellectual Property: Do not publish another members intellectual property without their written and express consent. The intellectual property of all material published on this website remains with the author. Any material published on this website may be reproduced only with the permission of the author and the following acknowledgment:

"Originally authored by (insert name of author) and published on BushcraftOz (embed hyperlink to here (embed hyperlink to corresponding page of BushcraftOz) on (insert date published on BushcraftOz)".

Widgets: Do not attempt to upload the coding for any device designed to effect the functionality or operation of this site or its servers or the functionality or operation of any users' computer systems (for example, by transmitting a computer virus or other harmful component, whether knowingly or not).

Ban and Warning Policy: Members who are deemed to be deliberately breaking any of these guidelines will be given an official warning or banned depending on the severity of the offense. After two warnings your account will be suspended for 2 weeks. If you require a third warning your account will be banned perminatley. The administrator of BushcraftOz has the right to ban any members instantly depending on the severity of the offense.

Reporting Posts: If you see something that is inappropriate, out of line, offensive or breaks the rules stated above, please report it. This option is far better than responding, which bumps the thread and perpetuates the issue. Calling someone else a troll is against the rules.

How Do I Report?: At the bottom-right corner of every post, you'll find the report button. It will take you to an entry box where you can describe the problem with the post. Our mod team is then notified immediately via email and can take action.

Keep in mind that the report feature is intended to be used on posts that break the rules, not to report posts that you disagree with. Abuse of the system will carry consequences.

Social Groups: Social groups are available to members with a level of trust and understanding that they will not be abused. Please do not create social groups which are directly related to Australian Bushcraft. This will only serve to detract from the main forum and serves little point other than to split up the information unnecessarily. No social groups are to be "invite only" unless given specific permission from the site Administrator. Invite only status will be given in unique circumstances where the sites staff feel it is warranted (eg. The Pathfinder Group)

Personal Harm or Injury Disclosure: Any harm or personal injury sustained from the practice of a technique, skill or otherwise as a result of reading this forum is in no way the fault of BushcraftOz or its staff. Some of the skills and techniques in bushcraft can be dangerous. Please use your common sense and always seek professional advice first or qualified training.

The information provided on the BushcraftOz forum relating to the consumption of edible plants and animals is for information purposes only. BushcraftOz and it's staff does not take any responsibility for any ill effects as a result of consuming or in any way interacting with any plants or animals as a result of reading this forum. Any readers who interact with or consume wild food do so at their own risk. Australia contains many species of highly poisonous plants and animals which can result in severe sickness and in many cases even death. The information on this forum has not been verified and readers should use their own initiative to research and seek qualified expert advice.

Harming Wildlife: Avoid harming any wildlife for the benefit of the forum. So when adding images of animals to the forum always avoid hurting or distressing any animals during this process.

Trading Post Rules and Regulations:


Please Understand and follow these simple rules to ensure a smooth experience for all members

1) No firearms or related items allowed, this includes illegal weapons or other illegal items or substances. Knives are OK as long as they are legal. The purchaser and seller MUST be of legal age to posses a knife as per Australian law.

2) Although new members are allowed to make purchases, a seller might not wish to sell to you because of your new member status. You need to accept and respect their decision. Most of the time a seller will sell to the first offer. It is the sellers choice who he/she wishes to sell to. Think of it like a private sale of a car.

3) Members using The Trading Post do so at their own risk. All transactions are the responsibility of the buyer and seller. BushcraftOz and its staff are not in anyway responsible for the result of a sale or purchase gone bad.

4) Price "bashing" is not allowed. If you don't like the price of an item, don't complain about it, just don't buy it. If you are interested in buying an item for less than the displayed price, send the seller a pm (personal message), and make them an offer. If the seller says "no" or doesn't reply, move on.

5) Each ad needs a price. Please try and refrain from making this an auction. Its preferable to set your price and lower or raise as you see fit.

6) Pictures are optional but your ad will be much better if they have them. Attach an image using the attach function or upload the image to photobucket or another external hosting site and link the image that way.

7) The Trading Post is for individual members sales and purchases between members. It is not permissible to post links to your own online auctions from other sites.

8) It is hard to be everywhere at once. If you see a posting which violates these regulations please report the post by clicking on the "!" and triangle symbol below the offending post.

9) To create a thread in any of the Sale Yards threads you must have been a member of the forum for at least 30 days and have at least 100 posts.

10) When starting a for sale thread please list it as FS - My Thread Name. If an item is sold or no longer for sale please edit your thread title to begin with the phrase "SOLD - My Thread Name or CANCELED - My Thread Name and close the thread. If you are looking for an item use WANTED - My Thread Name.