Eagle View Trail


Lofty Wiseman
Feb 14, 2017
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Perth, WA
Gents, I'm going to have to pull out of this JFNP walk on the 07th.
I'm having surgery on my neck next week and will be hospitalized for up to a week, with no driving for 6 weeks afterwards.....
Question mark over the May meet as well as Im not sure how I'd go humping a pack for 3 days. If on the other hand there is still an option for a static camp down Collie way (or wherever) and someone's willing to offer me a lift.....that's an entirely different proposition!

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Rüdiger Nehberg
May 19, 2011
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Western 'burbs, WA
I'm out for this one. It's still a bit warm for me, and I have to do a wee bit of work on the Starship. :rolleyes:


Richard Proenneke
Jul 8, 2013
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Perth, Western Australia
Since everyone was busy decided I would do the trail on my lonesome.
It was a lovely morning if a bit chilly due to a stiff breeze which calmed down about 10am.


It was pretty dry no running water at all, although there probably was a couple of small pools at the bottom but I didn’t check.

Made it to Eagle View a bit after 7am it was still very peaceful and it had warmed a little bit.
Although the valley was very dry the plants along where the creek would normally flow were quite green, there was even a few Snottygobbles that I could see which would indicate there is water not far down.
A lot of the signs have been updated since I was last here, quite helpful for those ill prepared walkers and assorted other clowns (always surprises me when I see people in the bush with no water).
The view from the second look out at the other end of the trail was also quite nice, seeing the city further away was more pleasant. With the amount of build next to the national park now you tend to see houses for quite a bit of the walk at the beginning which does take away some enjoyment.
Spotted a bees nest in the top of this tree, did not see any other wildlife the whole walk. Did see plenty of animals though which may make think twice before doing this walk again.

Early in the morning it was very pleasant, just as I was leaving the Eagle View lookout some trail runners came through and started deliberately stopping and stomping on shrubs that dared to impede the track at all. Luckily they stayed behind me most of my walk, then there were the mountain bikers, apparently they cannot read as there are lots of signs saying no bikes but they continued anyway. After one close call with a mountain bike trying to crash into me I armed myself with a large stick, after which not a single bike came near me. The trail runners later caught up to me and being a large group approximately 20 they continuously tried to push past and some were quite rude about it. Other than the animals it was a great walk and would do it again but maybe on a week day. Total walk all up was 20km as I just parked at Swan View instead of driving all the way to the park entrance.
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