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Thread: Fiador knot

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    Fiador knot

    fiador knot

    step 1.
    Fold cord in half and bring folded end over itself to form upper loop of fiador

    step 2.
    Bring the 2 ends under the loop to borm the bottom loopa of the fiador

    step 3.
    Turn the bottom strand of the upper loop over the top strand and shift the inner circle to the left over the outer circle (circle made inn step 1

    step 4.
    Bring right hand end over, under the two strands of the loop

    step 5.
    Bting left hand end - under, over the two strands

    step 6.
    and bring that same end under everything and up through the inner loop as shown

    step 7.
    Bring the remaining end under and up through the outer loop

    step 8.
    Grap the two ends and the upper loop in one hand, and the two lower loops in the other hand and pull in oppposite directions to form the knot

    step 9.
    Slowly, one strtand at a time tighten the knot to form the fiador k

    You can use it as it stands ot tie another fiador above it as I did here

    Happily tangled in my nets at

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