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Thread: WATER ! How much do you carry and how ?

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    Les Hiddins

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    I’ve heard a few times now of LifeStraws failing when being used

    Have you looked at the MiniWell or Sawyer Mini instead?

    I carry an old Millbank Bag in my kit but have also started making them as well to compliment filtration kits.

    They come in handy as a pre-filter to MiniWell’s etc.

    The amount I carry or used to carry would depend on what I was doing.

    On average it would be 4 ADF Canteens, 2 on my belt and 2 on the pack plus sterilisation kits

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    Jon Muir
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    Once, long long ago in a galaxy far far away I have carried in 20l when I was working in the Pilbara. About 8km from vehicle. Bloody hard work.
    Other times I have carried a 3l bladder, a 4l dromedary, my 1l stainless steel waterbottle and a collapsible water bladder while doing the Stirling RidgeWalk as well as other walks.
    WA is pretty dry, especially in summer and I am a bit of a water fiend. I also carry my Sawyer as well and have used it a few times now. A good bit of kit.
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    John McDouall Stuart
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    I have no idea how much my saddle flasks contain. I carry two of them. If I run out of water then I get some more & boil it before topping up my flasks, unless it is rain water collected in my cooking kettle in which case it is safe to drink as is.
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    Russell Coight

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    Quote Originally Posted by barra650 View Post
    I've been having a bit of reorganising my pack to get the best possible comfort . Most gear will be good packed where you put it , but it's the water that makes a big difference . Generally for a days walk with the odd cuppa I will take a minimum of 4L . If I bring the dog I can add another 2l and bring my own consumption down. Most of my trips are to places where there is no water to top up from. I'm carrying square type 1L bottles at the moment and obviously the best place for them is as close to your back as possible. I see quiet a few just packing a 1L in their kits for a day trip , maybe they have water sources to top up from. So OK, how much water would you pack for a day trip where there is no top up ?
    I do the big drink before I hit the track too. If I'm not sure of the water situation, most of Australia it seems, I'll take 4ltr Sea to Summit pack bladder. These seem fairly reliable, haven't had a problem with these over the last 5 years. I'll try and carry the bag strapped to the top or inside the lid of the pack. The bags have multiple tie out points to strap to your pack, come in 1,2,4,6 and 10ltr sizes I think.The beauty of these is that when you don't need the water or have used it, they roll up fairly small and are light. I'll always have a little bottle, holds a cup of water, that is my emergency water, that I never touch, unless I have to. Has come in handy a few times.

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