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Thread: Toaks Titanium 750ml Pot with Bail Handle

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    Toaks Titanium 750ml Pot with Bail Handle

    First try out of my new cup / billy. This isn't a review, just a little report on the first bush use.

    This "pot" has both a folding handle and a bail (which allows it to be hung over a fire). Flexible options I hope !
    I'm looking forward using it a bit more in the coming months.

    The pot comes in a padded (orange) cover which would probably serve as a pot cozy, but I didn't test that.
    20170527_092244 (Small).jpg

    The diameter allows a standard 1.25l bottle, or 100g gas can to nestle in easily:
    20170527_092159 (Small).jpg

    I used a metho stove to boil the water. One criticism I had read, and I agree with, is that the lid does not sit very snugly,
    it can easily be dislodged, but when its in place it is a good fit:
    20170527_083051 (Small).jpg

    Easy to hold, even when full
    20170527_085152 (Small).jpg

    To extinguish the flames, I just poured in water dilute the metho to the point where it no longer burns. Then it is safe to tip out:
    20170527_085002 (Small).jpg

    The other little job I did while waiting for the pot to boil was to sharpen a couple of knives
    Here's a mini feather stick.
    20170527_084336 (Small).jpg

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    Good review they are a really nice piece of kit. One thing I would add is it will also nest with a 40oz klean kanteen

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    Very nice, Id be in the market for something like this, be nice to have a lid and a more sizeable vessel for cooking lunch in, rather than just hot drinks! I tend to boil in a small zebra billy and tip into my stainless steel army cup, which is double handling of sorts!

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