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Thread: 3 way Camping fridges

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    Russell Coight

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    3 way Camping fridges

    Hi Guys,
    We have just bought ourselves a Dometic ( Chescold ) RC 1180 3 way fridge/ freezer in as new condition.
    Can't wait to get out into the bush and test it out
    I have a question for the ones out there that use a 3 way fridge also, that is, when you are using it while travelling in the vehicle, do you just run it on 12v or do you use an Inverter and run it with the 240v lead?
    Only asking as the previous owner was saying it is more efficient to run through the Inverter, which is making a little more sense to me as you are then able to use the thermostat side as opposed to " flat out " on 12v.



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    My limited experience of a 3 way certainly suggests that when running on 12v the fridge really didn't cope at all. the 240 (at home) worked well ... so I'm not sure about the actual power consumption, but running on 12v was not effective (for me).

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