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Thread: Ticks

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    Russell Coight

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    Hi all, I have treated my share of dogs and removed them from myself many times. The salivary glands, containing toxins, run the length of the body which is why you should grab or pry from the head when pulling them off. When I have them on me I will just pull them off with whatever is handy being sure not to squeeze the body. If i happen to rip the head off I just go digging, but this is pretty rare if you have a good grip on the head. They make little picks to pry them out with if that's your thing.

    I would add that in areas with lots of ticks, I am sure I have seen every conceivable potion to repel them (since commercial products for dogs are very expensive and people are much more open to "natural"remedies). Of these (the most common seeming to be blends of one or more of the following:eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender oil and of course apple cider viniger), if any work at all - they don't work well and many of my clients have dropped a paralysed dog on my table smelling like a massage parlour.

    Permethrin works really well to kill them in situ but has no real lasting effect if you use it as a preventive. I got 50-100 ticks of my little dog by dunking her in permethrin wash following a trip to the coast and would routinely do this to any dog I saw with a tick on it (after I pulled it off)I don't know if they make such a product for people. Best bet is searching all of your little nooks and crevices regularly. I would not offer medical advice to people as I'm not a doctor but in terms of how I treat myself, sometimes simple solutions are the best and you won't see me mucking about with freezing/burning/poisoning etc

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    Malcolm Douglas

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    Agree on the need for the good and 'expensive ' treatments .
    ( could never understand the rediculous prices for the tiny tinctures)

    If any one was interested , there's a lions club bloke making it from identical ingredients , I'm aware they're been sold at the hay and grain store in malanda qld . cheaply.
    I stock up when I'm passing through.
    Sorry can't provide lions club guys number.

    Seems to work as I don't see fleas ,
    Although I pull ticks off dog regardless not letting them a Chance to find out if they'd hurt the dog first.

    They stock the same for cats last time I was there.

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    Russell Coight

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    If you were going to use a tweezer, I think a lot would depend on the type of tweezer you are going to use. I would avoid a 'flat nose' type of plier tweezers, which would grip more on one side of the insect than the other. But instead use flat square type tweezer that has a convex curve out from the tip.

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