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Thread: 4WD Recommendations Please.

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    Lofty Wiseman

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    As a keen offroader I have had several, a few Hilux's and now what I feel to be the utimate allrounder, I now have a 105 series Landcruiser in a Diesel (the mighty and everlasting 1HZ). Solid axles front and rear for great articulation, factory dual fuel tanks for range, 8 seater which fold up to give a huge cargo area, and a true 3.5 ton towing capacity (unlike all these modern 4x4s with small gcm's).

    While utes are great, I did get tired off all my gear being covered in dust and crap all the time when driving in the bush.

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    Russell Coight

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    Perhaps too late if you've already bought something, but anyway...

    Taking into account reliability, parts availability, and wading depth... it has to be a troopy (75/78/79 series Landcruiser). The bigger brother of the Hilux, they are truly indestructible.

    More expensive up front, sure, but as they say - buy once. Our work vehicles are an assortment of modern 4wd utes (Colorados, Rangers, Tritons, Amaroks, Dmaxs etc) and they are, honestly, just rubbish. All of them. Cheap crap. The only modern utes I haven't driven are the BT50s and Navaras, and I can't imagine they're any different to their brethren. One issue is that modern vehicles seem to be built with a shelf life - and that results in a vehicle that's simply more prone to failure under extreme circumstances. The modern Hiluxes aren't quite as bad, but they're still not excellent.

    Beware of wading in any 4wd, however; ensure your diff, transfer case and transmission breathers are extended into a dry area, and don't wade above that or the engine air intake. Or at all, if possible.

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    Russell Coight

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    I agree with TC, the old 105 is one very capable vehicle, I myself had one, and then went to Nissan, which i believe pips Tojos for driveline strength. Get hold of a well sorted older diesel, Toyota or Pootrol. Modern forbies lack cubes, no live axles, they are crap for even moderate track work. Current ride for me is a LC V8. Plenty of them around, and the engine is as honest as the day is long. You can mod the IFS on them , but it's needs to be done properly and by someone who understands the way it needs to set up. Most mid size forbies like Hi Lux, Navarra, etc are not manufactured in Japan anymore, they are made in Thailand, Spain etc. BT 50s seem to be pretty popular, as do the Isuzus (not sure if they run a true jap engine). My mate paid $94.000 for a new Prado, with a piddly 2.8 in it, might even be smaller. If you don't tow you'll get away with a smaller donk perhaps.

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