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Thread: Dichaetomyia johannis (Orange Bush Fly)

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    Dichaetomyia johannis (Orange Bush Fly)

    Scientific Name: Dichaetomyia johannis

    Common Name(s): Orange Bush Fly

    Other Names: Bush Fly

    Class: Insecta

    Order: Diptera

    Family: Muscidae

    Genus: Dichaetomyia

    D. johannis

    Australia wide except Tasmania

    Habitat: Drier areas

    Field Notes: Orange brown in colours with red brown eyes. Its abdomen and legs are grey-yellow. Adults built is stocky and strongly brislted. Muscid larvae live in many habitats with carrion,dung, fungi and otting vegetation being the most important. Size - 8 mm

    Photo by Dusty, Feb 2012. Location: Jimna, QLD>

    Copy - DSC_0238.jpgCopy - DSC_0194.jpgCopy - DSC_0212.jpgCopy - DSC_0182.jpg

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