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Thread: Thwaitesia argentiopunctata (Sequined spider)

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    Alexander Pearce
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    Thwaitesia argentiopunctata (Sequined spider)

    Scientific Name: Thwaitesia argentiopunctata

    Common Name(s): Sequined spider

    Other Names: NA

    Class: Arachnida.

    Order: Araneae

    Family: Theridiidae

    Genus: Thwaitesia

    Species: T. argentiopunctata (likely)

    Distribution: All Australian States


    Field Notes:
    Very small spider, builds a nocturnal web in twigs of suitable trees. M 3mm, F 4mm. Abdomen has false eye spots on rear end, looking to any approaching predators to have a second head there. The abdomen of this spider is covered in silver, red, black and gold sequin like coloured patches. Under a microscope they pulsate with the spiders heart beat.

    A very small spider, 3-4 mm body.

    Close up of abdomen, the large round black spots at the rear look very much like spider eyes.

    This one escaped, I'll try for better shots when I get another.
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    Richard Proenneke
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    One thing i've wondered is if the eyes are of any benefit... if something did attack its abdomen instead of the head would a spider still survive? Or is it just to stop an attack in the first place...

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