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25-03-12, 09:38 PM
Botanical Name: Ficus obliqua G. Forst.

Reclassified as Ficus obliquae series, 2008 (Family: Moraceae, Genus: Ficus, Subgenus: Urostigma, Section: Malvanthera, Subsection: Paltypodeae, Series Obliquae, F. obliqua G. Forster)

Common Name: Small-leaved Fig

Other Names: Small-leafed Fig; Small Leaf Fig; Fig, Small-leafed; Fig, Small Leaved; Fig, Small Leaf; Fig; Figwood

Distribution: Eastern New South Wales and Queensland along coast and Great Dividing Range in rainforest, savanna woodland, sclerophyll forest and gallery forest. Also in Malesia and SW Pacific islands.

Field Notes: Butressed tree to 40 m with milky sap. Branchlets greyish with pale lenticels. Leaves alternate, glabrous, 8cm, dark and glossy top side and paler underneath. Petiole 10-15 mm long, flattened. Paired axillary fruits to 10mm, yellow, turning orange with dark spots, on stalks to 4mm.

Uses: Edible fruit. Shade tree mainly suited to parks and fields as aggressive grower.


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